Today, as I mark the completion of  40 years of practice, I am reminded of a very famous and often quoted phrase, “Better to leave when people still ask ‘Why’  instead of “Why not?’”

I started practice in Mumbai in the year 1981 and then moved to Bangalore in the year 1990 and started my practice  with a goal of offering services to my clients with transparency, sincerity, honesty and integrity. With these principles in my mind and heart, I ventured upon “The Journey” with a frenzy. In this Journey to realize my dream, there have been contributions and sacrifices made by many people.  For the past 32 years, the legal fraternity at Bangalore accepted me with open arms.  I have enjoyed every minute of my Journey first as a litigating lawyer, and thereafter as a transactional lawyer for the past 22 years. I will always cherish the many memories and life-long friends made during this Journey.

Apart from the grace of God and the blessing of my parents who have been my first teacher from whom I have leant the value of integrity  and determination, this Journey would not have been possible if it were not for the guidance of my two gurus and mentors, Mr. Soli (Saleh) Doctor, who instilled the right principles of practice of law – I miss Soli greatly since he left us for his heavenly abode in May , 2016 and Mr. Udaya Holla, who took me under his big-hearted umbrella when I first came to this loving city. They constantly supported me with their patience and motivated me in so many ways. I learned so much from them, that has made me what I am today, and for that, I will forever be indebted to both of them.

I have been very fortunate to be supported and encouraged by my own family, my wife Sipra and my two sons, Bhishaan and Niket who showed great patience and understanding during this Journey and have also borne the brunt of my erratic timelines during this Journey.  If not for their sacrifices, support and understanding, I would not have achieved what I have achieved in my career and profession.

I would be failing if I do not recognize the contribution and confidence reposed by each and every one of my clients, who have over and over and for over the many years, have placed in faith in me and my work, many of whom have become friends and part of my family.This Journey, would not have be possible without the support of all my staff who have worked with dedication, the unstinted support of my colleagues, Sunitha R. since 1993, Suraj Govindaraj from 1995  until 2019 when he was appointed a Karnataka High Court Judge -a very proud moment for me and Vivek G. since  2007 along with several of my past and present partners, associates and staff, both in Bangalore and Chennai, all of whom I am so very grateful and proud of .

Sunitha R. and her team heading the real estate practice,  the Litigation team headed by Kempe Gowda  at Bangalore and Vivek G. and team at Chennai along with the all the staff  will now be part of IndusLaw continuing as done so now and  from the existing office at  Bangalore and Chennai. I will continue to guide and mentor them and the clients.

While my heart is heavy as I close this chapter of my Journey, I am excited about what the future holds for me in my “New Beginning” as it is still not time for this workhorse to finally rest in his stable.  Apart from continuing to consult, advice and mentor my colleagues and clients, I want to give back to the society as and where I can , which I have always wanted to and to fulfil certain personal interests of mine, for which I did not find the time for. In this New Beginning I will require the continued encouragement and support from all of you.

Saying “Thank you” would sound very small, and I am unable to find the appropriate words that are capable of expressing my huge gratitude for the invaluable guidance, sacrifices made and support from all, during “The Journey”